Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Bio

When I submit a query, I'm going to have to include a bio. This makes me a little nervous because I don't have a lot of documented writings, especially in creative writing. I'm in Marketing Design and PR so most of my writing has been for business. I have stacks of press releases, letters, ad copy and some creative product copy, but I am not sure how relevant that is. Would it help that my product copy is distributed to retailers nationwide?

I can only think of two notable writing achievements that I have:
1. I had a letter published in Vogue Magazine.
2. I won an essay contest in college and had my story printed in the school newspaper.

I'n not even sure how impressive the second one is, but I might be able to spin it with some creative marketing copy like...
Was awarded creative writing commendation in University newspaper

Hmm. Not bad. Oh and I also self-published a music zine in college. I actually had advertisers too, but no time to produce more than two issues because of school and work. Time is always against me. I think my husband is getting sick of eating ramen for dinner and my dog misses the long walks we used to take together.

My husband did offer to help and take some headshots though. I am not very photogenic, but on the inside cover of most books is a ridiculously cheezy photo of the author. I need some shots posed on an arm chair, or out in the garden with my chin on my knee, and most definitely one with the dog. I will be sure to post them here when we take them....for a good laugh.

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