Sunday, August 30, 2009

Feeling Active

I received one more rejection, but it was not a standard rejection, they actually used my name. This leads me to believe that the agent actually did read, review and ponder my novel. I'm going to take this as a positive sign.

My husband and I printed a copy of the book, which he is currently reading. We had to load the printer with paper twice and I think I killed the black ink cartridge. Although he is not my intended audience, he says he likes it, and is getting involved in the story. He may be a bit biased though. After he's done, I plan to pass it around to a few of my girlfriends.

I picked up the printed copy myself the other day and read through a few pages and noticed several changes I need to make. At this point, I only have two more agents to hear from and they've received the first 40 pages. What they have definitely needs some that going to ruin me? Perhaps I should have waited a bit longer before I started sending out queries. I'm just impatient.

Today's task - going through the book once again to turn as many passive verbs into active ones.

I'm torn between wanting the sun to come out and wanting the clouds to stay. If the clouds stay, I can stay inside all day and work, but if the sun comes out, Lucy and I have to go out and train for our charity walk. I'll leave today's fate in the hands of the weather.

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