Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Hope is Still Alive

I'm on stay-cation this week which is a dangerous thing. I created a list of all the things I wanted to get done and I've only crossed about two off the list. I tend to actually do less, when I have less to do. I always say "You can take care of it tomorrow." and then I end up spending an entire day watching CSI. Not that it is a bad thing, until I go to sleep that night and dream about the many possible ways there are to die.

Anyways, today, I actually had a productive day. I sent out 5 queries, 3 by email and 2 by snail post. By the end of the day, I received 1 rejection and 1 who wants to read more! I'm pretty psyched. Although my success rate is low at this point, I'm well aware that many great authors have sent out hundreds of query letters before they received a response. 1 for 6 is not too shabby.

Little tip: I sent each agency a different query and stored what I sent them in separate folders so I can review what received a positive response and what doesn't. However, this cannot be considered a truly accurate scientific experiment because as I have been told in my rejection letters, the business is quite subjective.

Now I am debating if I should curl up with my sea dog blueberry ale and watch the rest of the CSI season 7 or start gathering the materials that I need to send out to the request. There is always tomorrow right?

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