Thursday, September 17, 2009

Music and Words

What am I doing right now? Arguing with my band about the set-list for our show on Sunday. Minor details. At least we have a show, and it's our first fundraiser, and we'll be playing for the mayor of Warwick. ( -We would be Live Music) To be honest, we were not the first choice for the band. The scheduled band cancelled so we were a last minute replacement, but I don't think it matters how you get your foot in the door, as long as you can cram it in there.

I'm bringing this up, because the journey our band has traveled is so very similar to path I'm embarking on for my writing career. We've been playing together, oh I don't know, two maybe three years, and we've just started getting some gigs this summer. After several years of playing together, we sound pretty darn good, but you can't get a gig unless you have a following, and you can't get a following unless you get gigs. It's a catch 22.

Like querying agents, we've gone from bar to bar, dropped off demos, and get positive feedback from the owners, but then never an email or a phone call. But I think the important thing is here, is that we've never given up. Playing music is fun for us, and I think we'd play even if we never got a gig. The same goes for my writing. I'm not gonna stop just because no one is reading it, and who knows, maybe two years from now, I'll be able to finally cram my foot in that door and shove it wide open.

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