Friday, September 25, 2009

Words they are a'changin'

I was reading this article in the Washington Post about how new authors have to market their own books now. (I'm not surprised, and I'd planned on doing that anyways. I already have the local launch party planned in my head.) Anyways, as a marketer, it got me thinking about all the new terms we have in the English language today, mostly due to the explosion of the Internet and all of the new digital sales tools we have available.

I'm not that old, but old enough to remember a time when the Internet didn't exist. How I survived - that I can't recall, but it got me thinking. What would some of those computer terms meant to us then? And I made up some definitions of my own.

Website - noun - The center of a spider web.
Blog - noun - A piece of wood, cut into a rectangular shape.
Cell Phone - noun - A telephone that is stored in a small compartment.
Javascript - noun - A cursive font used for coffee packaging.
Facebook - noun - A photo album similar to a scrap book except the pictures included are only of people's faces.

That's all I came up with, but it's Friday so if you have any more, post them in the comments. Creativity is welcome and thoroughly enjoyed.

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