Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sensitive Writer Types

I just read Nathan Bransford's blog that suggests that us writers do not take criticism well, and unfortunately, criticism is part of the biz. Everytime I've written something that has been circulated among the public I have received some sort of hate mail, so I am well-prepared for what is to come.

Case in Point I
I won an essay contest in college that was published in the most prestigious campus newspaper, the State Press. After publication of aforementioned essay, one of the students who worked at the front desk of our dorm took it upon herself to slip me a hate letter explaining to me why my essay was total crap and I was just a spoiled rich white kid who didn't know anything about diversity.

What did I do? Nothing. I won a gift card at the campus bookstore so I didn't have to pay for my books for the rest of the year which left me with enough extra cash to drink away the memory of her hate mail.

Case in Point II
I published my own punk zine in College called Chelsea and actually had advertisers and readers who submitted stories and artwork that I included in my printings. Of course, there are always some sore apples in the bunch so I received copius amounts of hate mail and one death threat.
My response was always , "If you hate it so much, don't read it."

And of course I tallyed the hate mail responses into my readership rates and used it to get more advertisers.

I know that if I get my book published, I am likely to receive a much larger hate mail response rate, and I really don't care. As long as they bought their hated copy and didn't borrow it from someone else.

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