Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where are these girls?

Yes, they are YA fantasy novels, so I suppose the authors are entitled to some liberties but really? Teenage girls who behave like middle-aged women and cook dinner every night? Please. I feel it is more likely that I will come across a vampire or a werewolf in my travels. Not to say that I don't love these novels, because they have great stories and are well-written, but I am concerned about the impression these heroines are going to leave on the youth of today.

When I was sixteen, I was surly, rude, obnoxious and way more concerned with clothes and boys than making sure my parents ate a hot meal. Goodness. I couldn't even cook anything without disabling the smoke alarm first. Secondly, my parents were parenting, and yes, I did have some friends with negligent parents, but of those friends, not a one of them ever cleaned the house or cooked a meal for them. In fact, we took full advantage of those kinds of parents and always threw the parties at their houses.

The other thing that bothers me is how fast these girls ditch their friends for some boy. To coin the old phrase, probably dating myself, "Bros before hos". Boys come and go but good girlfriends are hard to find.

This is why I really hope my book gets published one day, because my teen protagonists behave like teenagers, keep their friends, eat junk food and go to college. And that is what I would like the new YA trend to be.

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