Friday, December 4, 2009

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Would Be an Excellent Client for Any Agent

This post isn't really intended to be serious...unless you want it to be...

1. My book is awesome - the kind of read that you can't put down and you want to go out and buy the second one when you reach the end.
2. My book could always be more awesome (awesome-er?) So I will kindly respect your expertise and make any edits you suggest.
3. I have more than one book in me, at least five or six ideas at the moment, so I won't be a one hit wonder.
4. I am generally well-mannered and polite. I have a Southern mother who raised me to mind my P's and Q's, so you will likely receive many 'Thank You' notes for your hard work.
5. My background is in marketing, so I will do anything short of breaking the law or offending aforementioned Southern mother to sell my book.
6. I am a Connector (from Malcom Gladwell's, The Tipping Point) so I know a lot of people who know a lot of people, and most of them owe me a favor or two.
7. I am an excellent baker so you can expect homemade fudge and delightful craisin chocolate toffee for the holidays.
8. I am fun to hang out with after hours. I have quite a few karaoke songs rehearsed with choreographed dance moves and I offer witty yet insightful conversation.
9. I think the general consensus of my acquaintances is that I am sane. You don't have to worry about me flipping out if something doesn't go my way or calling you at all hours of the night. I know how to carry myself professionally.
10. I am a snazzy dresser. I'm not sure how important this one is, but that is why it is number 10. But I'll never show up to a meeting in sweatpants and that is a promise.

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