Thursday, January 7, 2010

Props to my Internet Allies

In my last post, I mentioned that I finished the book and now I'm in the hangover phase of editing (as Mary of calls it) I was starting to think that the book I once loved is total crap. I mean how many times can one use "scowl", "looked", and "smile" in one itsy bitsy novel? Apparently I can - a lot.

Last night I was almost to the point of throwing it in the trash and starting from scratch, but thank goodness hubby stopped me because it is good, it's just not great yet, and the painstaking editing will make it that much closer to excellent.

I don't think I would survive this part of the novel writing process if it weren't for you, my Internet allies. You may not represent me (yet) but you certainly help me in my trials.

So thank you to Mary of for your excellent tips on revising, editing, developing characters and creating plot structure. I may not comment that often, but I am reading. (Good tip I read today: Change the font of your novel to read it from a new perspective)

Thank you Rachelle Gardner, for your brutal honesty and for reminding me that the journey will be tough, but I should keep plugging along. (I don't write Christian fiction, so you won't get my submission, but you're helping me improve it for your fellow agents)

Thank you Rejectionist, for posting all of the crappy submissions you get, making me feel better about my own. I may not be there yet, but at least I know I'm one step ahead of the others because I am NOT insane.

Thank you Nathan Bransford for keeping me up to date on all of the latest publishing news.

Thank you Kristin Nelson for clearing up some of the confusion about the publishing process and for your Friday funnies. (I did send you my query, but you were one of the first agents I sent it to, so it was terrible. That was before I knew better and I apologize)

Thank you Janet Reid for showing me what makes a BAD query, and for your recent post on manuscript requests. It made me depressed to know that I have less than a 2% chance of publication with every manuscript request, but good to know that the odds of getting a manuscript request are even less than that.

And thank you Michelle Wolfson for your many tweets, especially your #queryquotes.

I did not mention everyone on my list, but these are just the people on my mind today. Every blog I have linked on my page is an excellent resource for aspiring and seasoned writers. So pat yourselves on the back Internet friends. You may think you're just posting nonsense out into cyberspace, but people like me are reading it and using your words to preserve our sanity.

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