Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reading my Mind

When I read my daily agent blogs, sometimes I swear they are reading my mind. Yesterday, Rachelle Gardner uploaded a post about receiving differing opinions from agents. Coincidentally this just happened to me regarding my latest WIP.

Agent A suggested I insert more emotion. Agent B suggested I insert more danger. However, what they both agree on is that it is good and it needs more work. I can handle that.

I am currently working to incorporate Agent A's suggestions because I agree with them. I think they will add to my story and not affect my overall message. Agent B's suggestions, while valid, would change my story. (Although I do appreciate her taking the time to write me back in such detail)

So fellow writers, has this happened to you? What do you do? Move onto a new agent or make the changes? Since Rachelle is dedicating this week to differing opinions, it must happen quite a bit.

And now for your enjoyment, a photo from my recent trip to Clark's Trading Post in beautiful Lincoln, NH. If you're in New England, you should go. They have a trained bear show and a train ride where a crazy person chases you. It doesn't get any kitschier than that (unless you go to Dollywood. )

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