Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Everybody Makes Misstakes

I'm generally a stickler for grammar. Among my top pet peeves are using the wrong forms of "there" and "your", but in the umpteenth perusal of my novel, just before it was sent to editors, I found a "you're" where there should have been a "your".

When I'm on a roll, the text is flowing from the tips of my fingers, I don't inhibit inspiration by stopping to check for spelling errors. Last night, I had one of those good writing nights and before I shut down the computer, I did a quick read through. This is what I found: (This isn't the exact copy, but these are my shames)

She knew the earn was buried just below her feet sense she'd watched them dig the whole.

Oy. If any of my former English teachers are reading this, they're probably considering a change in career.

But everybody makes mistakes. The point is to catch them before you submit anything publicly, which is why it is always good to have one, two, or three sets of eyes on your work.

What about you? What are some embarrassing typos and errors you've found in your writing?

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