Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday Fun with Photoshop: Dream Jobs.

It's not Friday, well not yet. I have an hour to go, but maybe by the time I finish this post it will be closer to midnight. A week or so ago, I had a call with my agent, and we talked about how we both like female heroines who kick ass. I admitted to her, that in the 80's, I dreamed of being on G.L.O.W., which if you didn't live through the eighties stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

Warning: the photoshopped picture is a bit creepy.

That career dream never panned out, and sadly, the show was cancelled. I'm glad I moved on though because the only roles for women in wrestling nowadays are support positions. They stand outside of the ring and hand their beefy boyfriends chairs and shout slurs at their opponents.

Throughout my childhood I had quite a few other aspirations. After I heard Lucky Star, I wanted to be Madonna, and not just a pop star like Madonna, I wanted to BE Madonna. (JEM was my back-up plan) Following a brief obsession with Divorce Court, I thought about becoming a lawyer, but then I wrote a paper in elementary school on manatees and decided oceanography would be my field. When I saw Working Girl, I wanted to be an executive with a big corner office in New York. Doing what? I didn't care, as long as I had penthouse view of the city and a briefcase with my name on it.

My senior year of high school I had an amazing Calculus teacher, and considered majoring in math in college. What you do with a math degree, I'll never know, because once I read the descriptions of the classes required for the degree, I changed my mind yet again.

I DJ-ed at the college radio station and although I made a very poor on-air personality, I was introduced to the business side of music and wanted to go into A&R. That's when I chose Marketing as my major.

I've never worked at a record label. What they don't tell you in college is that a degree won't get you your dream job, but again, I was starting to feel that maybe the music biz wasn't it anyway. I don't know when I decided I wanted to write. I know I thought about it for years before I sat down at my computer. But I'm not the only writer you didn't have a pen in hand at age five. I found this blog post that shares a few of the day jobs famous authors held before they hit the bestseller list.

What about you? What were some of your dream jobs?

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