Monday, January 31, 2011

Revision Success!

Regarding my previous post, I am a prolific writer and although I can maintain enough patience to keep from spreading my new work to the universe, I have to show it to someone, that person usually being my ever-supportive husband.

I thought I had the first few chapters of my new manuscript in amazing shape and passed them to him. He read and enjoyed the first two and put it down at the third.

"Isn't it amazing? Isn't this the best thing you've ever read?" I asked him.
He lowered his eyes while rubbing the back of his neck.
"Umm, it's well, uh, it gets a little slow," he replied, and cowered in anticipation for my wifely outrage. (which did not come)

Instead I went back to my computer. Immediately I found the reason for his boredom. There was information I needed to impart to the reader that I didn't think was very exciting so I started the chapter further along and dumped it in as backstory. Too much backstory. Two pages of backstory. So I re-wrote it, starting the chapter in a new place and added a bit of a rush to the circumstances to build the excitement.

He re-read it yesterday and said, "I don't know what you did. It seems like all of the same information is in there, but it's so much better."

Now that is a great revision compliment. Sometimes turning something good into something great just takes one brave person to tell you it's boring and you having enough sense to listen to them.

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