Monday, April 4, 2011

Take it off!

I've read quite a few YA books where the female protaganist cuts herself and the male protagonist doesn't hesitate to tear his shirt off to bind the wound. Talking with my husband I asked him, "If we were in the middle of nowhere and I cut my arm, what would you do?" He said he would tear a piece of his shirt off, a sleeve or the bottom, but not the whole thing.

So I think this is just a clever way to get the male love interest half-naked, but it's starting to become a little cliche, so how else can we get a guy's shirt off? What would you like to see? (Besides a little more fictional skin?)

Any other ideas? Post them in the comments. Whatever gets the most votes I'm using in my next manuscript.


jjdebenedictis said...

As an aside, if someone was SPURTING, I would totally yank my shirt off to get that under control fast. Because hey, I wear a bra; I can be dramatically and unabashedly heroic too.

Re: Getting the hero nekkid
I once saw a movie via Mystery Science Theatre 3000, i.e. a dreadfully bad movie, where the hero's shirt flies off during a fight.

And-and-and I can't even describe just how funny it was. They obviously used strings to make it FLY like a GRACEFUL SWALLOW away from his well-oiled torso.

So what I'm saying is that last option in your poll should only be used with care and an attention to verisimilitude. Believable shirt-ripping is an exacting science.

Rachel Menard said...

I used to love MST 3K, but I'm afraid I missed that one, and even though I did, I can picture it from your description and am cracking up! This of course makes me think of velco-release pants which could always be another option.