Monday, May 16, 2011


Yesterday my hubby and I got back from Orlando, FL where we spent an entire week at Disneyworld with a final day at Universal Studios. After walking about twenty miles in the hot sun from park to park, it's good to be back except for the dismal rain here in Rhode Island. We had an awesome time though. The Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster was amazing, and the Tower of Terror lived up to its name. I think the German boy who was sitting next to me is probably experiencing some hearing loss in his right ear because of my blood-curdling screams. Sorry!

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom lodge and from our balcony window got to watch exotic animals like giraffe and zebra munching on fresh grass. The hotel also had a huge pool with a water slide and an eighteen person hot tub.

The Magic Kingdom I discovered is dry. Don't be fooled by restaurant names like Tortuga Tavern. There is no alcohol. Thankfully Epcot features a walk around the world with eleven featured countries each with their own beer. We did manage to drink around the world, but it took us three days.

Epcot also had the flower show where classic Disney characters were re-created entirely with plants. Here's a photo of Lotsa from Toy Story 3, and he even smelled like strawberries!

Another highlight of Epcot was the return of Captain EO starring the late Michael Jackson as a spaceship captain of renegade muppets. I saw it at Disneyland when it came out in 1986. (that's how old I am). I think it was more magical this time because I was really able to appreciate the complicated plot where an evil alien queen's inner beauty is brought forth through the gift of synthesized music and pop dancing. I of course, had to buy the signature rainbow T-shirt that Michael wore during the filming of this.

After that, I didn't think anything could top evil aliens growing 80's mullets with the power of wailing guitar riffs. I was wrong.

Our last day was spent at Universal studios where, yes, I went to Hogwart's. Be jealous. It was amazing. The castle, the village of Hogsmeade, even the butterbeer was exactly how you would imagine it to be. Inside the castle, there are talking portraits, floating candles, and 3-D projections of Harry, Ron and Hermoine.

On the main ride, you experience a broom flight with Harry, battling dragons, giant spiders and dementors with the help of a robotic carriage and a large video screen. Honestly the best ride I went on during the entire trip, and we couldn't help but laugh at the icons on the warning sign.

I love how the little "motion sickness" figure is actually spitting out polka dots.

Now it's back to routine, back to work, and I happen to have some edits waiting for me. Unfortunately vacations can't last forever.

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The English Teacher said...

I love the one about removing artificial limbs. :)
Really, why couldn't they just post a sign that says "If you agree to ride this thing you can't sue us if it makes your life worse"? That's what they mean.