Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Gift List for Writers!

Friday marks the day when all-hell breaks loose in the malls, someone gets trampled in a line at Walmart trying to get a 95% off flat screen, and in their efforts to get into the holiday spirit, shoppers push, shove and bite their way through the stores. Ahh, Christmas.

I do my best to avoid all that and do my shopping online. I hope no one starts plotting my death when I say I'm almost done already. But before you call a hitman, I'm here to help. Below is a list of my favorite gifts for writers this year, and you can get them without having to put on your steel-toed boots.

Literary Pets
Illustrator and Artist, Chet Phillips, created this unique line of prints of our favorite authors as cats and dogs. The detail on these is amazing, and the colors are extremely vibrant. Each portrait has a unique name too, like Jane Pawsten (featured) and Snarls Dickens. At only $18.00 these prints are a steal.

Uneek Dolls

I'm a sucker for miniature things especially when they're crafted in such detail. Artisan Debbie Ritter has a huge collection of wooden dolls hand-painted and dressed as timeless writers and a few of the characters they created. I just love how the authors are holding tiny copies of their books too!

War & Peace Kindle Book Case

I especially like this because bystanders will think I'm reading War & Peace when in fact I'm reading City of Glass on my Kindle. What a novel idea... (see what I did there?) ...to make your e-books look like books. It's a little pricey at $50.00, but a great gift for someone who has everything except for a Kindle cover.

State Necklaces

I wore mine on Sunday and got stopped by 3 people asking me where I got my necklace. I don't wear a lot of flashy accessories, which is why I love this necklace so much. The brushed silver is clean and the small diamond (in the city of your choice) adds just a touch of sparkle.

I have my home state of Rhode Island, but how cute would it be to get a writer friend one of the state their novel is set in? My only complaint about this necklace is the box it came in. It was a small cardboard box and not something I would present to someone as a gift. If you do buy one, plan ahead and get a nice jewelry box to gift it in.

Burning Bookmark

A great stocking stuffer! Not that I would ever condone the burning of a book, but this plastic and very safe bookmark gives the impression that what you're reading is HOTT. At only $2.99, you can get one for every reader on your list.

And p.s., I do not know any of these people nor am I getting kickbacks for recommending gifts. I just love to shop!

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