Thursday, April 5, 2012

Serial Abandonment

I'll admit, I've been skipping around lately. I have a novel with my agent for review, but while she's editing, I'm using the downtime to work on something new...or old...or older...or something really new. I currently have three projects in the works (not including the one my agent has). When I get stuck on one, I go back to another and try it from a different POV or start it somewhere else.

Part of me feels like I've given up when I set aside a project. I'm a type A, get-things-done kind of person so leaving something unfinished drives me nuts. However, wasting precious writing time staring at a blinking cursor also drives me nuts. Especially when I know what I've written already is pretty crappy.

It's at that point, I drop it, take a few days off and read. Soemtimes I go back to that project and sometimes I'm inspired to pick up something else. It's gotten to the point where when my hubby asks, "What are you working on in there?" I don't want to tell him because what I'm working on today might not be what I'm working on tomorrow.

My flighty process as it has been, might be paying off. Out of all this jumping back and forth, I think I have something worthwhile in the works. Sure, I've swiped some ideas from the other two projects and borrowed a few characters, but in this mashup, there could be something great.

So what do you do when you're stuck? Do you stick it out with one project? Take some time off? Or start something new?

Also, as a side note, yesterday I saw two mix-ups with "elude" and "allude." Weird considering they're not everyday words. But after seeing it twice, I wondered if I had been using it correctly. So as a grammar refresher on "allude" vs "elude," check out this post on Writer's Digest.

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