Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Page

This is the first page of my WIP. Since it is most likely going to be deleted or at least heavily edited, I thought I would post it here for posterity because I really like it. I'd love to know what you guys think.

Adam decided it was time to visit his sister in Leominster. He made the decision for the impromptu visit when the bell rang at the end of the last horse race, after Whistling Dixie, who had been leading the entire time, fell back and crossed the finish line a nose after Rolling Thunder. In that single second, Adam lost three grand. Three grand that he had borrowed from Joe.
His wallet was filled with a handful of losing bets. He only needed Amelia to loan him a couple hundred bucks. With a few lucky picks, he would be back on top. Amelia would give him the money, even though she’d swore she’d never give him another cent. He was her baby brother. It would take a few days to talk her into it, but Joe wouldn’t come looking for him for another week or so.
            Had he ever told Joe about his sister?
The latest race stats churned through the garbled speakers on his truck. Lead Foot crossed the finish line first. That had been his top pick. If only he’d had the money to place the bet, he’d be on his way to recovering his losses by now.
The next race was about to begin. He twisted the dial on the volume as the announcer’s voice broke into pieces underneath static. Adam strained to hear what was happening. Was Coal Miner in the lead? Or was it Roadside Diner? He drove around a sharp bend and lost it all to static.

He flipped the radio off and slammed his hands against the steering wheel. It had seemed like a good idea to take back roads to his sister’s place. Now he wondered if he should cut over to the highway. It would be faster, and he could keep an ear on the races.

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