Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First Date

Below is a sample of work from my latest MS, featuring a scene from my characters' first date.

“They should have like a training academy for Stormtroopers, to teach them how to shoot. I mean they can’t hit a rebel standing four feet in front of them,” I say before I pluck another cheese fry from the plate.
“It could be low visibility because of the helmets, or maybe a flaw in the cloning process that decreases hand-eye coordination,” Nathan says.
“Okay, but even so, that makes them shitty soldiers, right?”
“Beggars can’t be choosers. If the Empire wants quality fighters they need to offer a more comprehensive benefits package.”
I laugh. “I can’t believe we’re talking about this right now.”
“Me either.” He leans across the table. “If this is a dream, which I’m starting to think it is, you’re wearing a gold bikini under that dress.”
I slide my sleeve to the side and show him my black bra strap. “Nope, sorry.”
“Damn.” He sits back. “I’d have better chances if this were a dream.” He folds his arms behind his head, and I get another glimpse of his secret muscle as his shirt pulls tight across his biceps. His chances aren’t that bad now...except there is one thing still bothering me.
“Nathan,” I say. “I know I used my honest answer question already, but can I ask you something else and will you promise to tell the truth?”
“Yes.” He looks me hard in the eye. “I have a lightsaber at home but it was a gift, I swear.”
I give him a courtesy smile. “This is why I can’t trust your answers, because you make everything a joke.”

What do you think? Would you go out with Nathan again?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Writing Goals

Somehow in my writing journey, I switched from being a writer to an editor. I used to love to sit at my desk with a beer and spit out words for hours on end. Now, even if I do this, I immediately have to go back and edit, which means it takes forever for me to actually get to the end of a story, and sometimes, if things don't go well, I just abandon it.

I've decided to switch things up, and set myself some writing goals. I have 2000 words a day or 14,000 a week. I try to sit down every day and write 2000 words, but when that doesn't happen (because it rarely does) I'm caught on Sunday afternoon having to crank out 6000 words to reach my weekly goal.

How's it going? Pretty darn good. It's been 3 weeks and 2 days and I am on track with 46,000 words of mostly garbage, probably a few good nuggets in there that I'll pick out in the second round. If I keep on track, I'll have my first draft completed in a couple of weeks. Yay!

So how about you guys, do you have writing goals? And if so, what's your number? Do you feel that number makes for good progress?

If my writing regime continues to work out, I might consider changing my pantster status.