Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First Date

Below is a sample of work from my latest MS, featuring a scene from my characters' first date.

“They should have like a training academy for Stormtroopers, to teach them how to shoot. I mean they can’t hit a rebel standing four feet in front of them,” I say before I pluck another cheese fry from the plate.
“It could be low visibility because of the helmets, or maybe a flaw in the cloning process that decreases hand-eye coordination,” Nathan says.
“Okay, but even so, that makes them shitty soldiers, right?”
“Beggars can’t be choosers. If the Empire wants quality fighters they need to offer a more comprehensive benefits package.”
I laugh. “I can’t believe we’re talking about this right now.”
“Me either.” He leans across the table. “If this is a dream, which I’m starting to think it is, you’re wearing a gold bikini under that dress.”
I slide my sleeve to the side and show him my black bra strap. “Nope, sorry.”
“Damn.” He sits back. “I’d have better chances if this were a dream.” He folds his arms behind his head, and I get another glimpse of his secret muscle as his shirt pulls tight across his biceps. His chances aren’t that bad now...except there is one thing still bothering me.
“Nathan,” I say. “I know I used my honest answer question already, but can I ask you something else and will you promise to tell the truth?”
“Yes.” He looks me hard in the eye. “I have a lightsaber at home but it was a gift, I swear.”
I give him a courtesy smile. “This is why I can’t trust your answers, because you make everything a joke.”

What do you think? Would you go out with Nathan again?

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