Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Making the Switch to Digital Books

I think I've done it. I think I've finally become a convert to the digital book age. For a long while I hovered over the line, appreciating paper books for their cover design and for having something to hold in my hand after shelling out $10. But now, my stack of paper books in my TBR pile is remaining stagnant, while I rip through digital books one after the other.

Here's why I made the switch.

1. I read on my phone. I don't have to remember to bring a book with me because my phone is always there, like the fifth limb I never wanted. And if I finish a book, a new one is just waiting for me to download it.

2. Price. If you wait for book deals, you can get digital copies for less than $2.

3. Books are big. One of the paper books I have sitting on my shelf is GONE by Michael Grant. Every time I see it, I want to read it, but then I notice how thick it is and my mind mentally starts adding up the hours I'll have to invest in it. What if I hate it? And how the hell am I supposed to fit that in my purse with all my other crap? Digital books aren't as daunting, and they certainly weigh less.

4. Annotating. I always feel like a criminal when I make notes in a paper book, but with digital books, I can make all the notes I want and delete them without leaving a mark.

5. Sequels. When I read PRETTY LITTLE LIARS by Sara Shepard, the end left me with such a hunger for more, I had to immediately read the sequel. Now, I could have rushed to my local bookstore, hope they had #2 in stock, shelled out the $10, drove home and started reading it OR I could click two buttons and have it in front of me in 10 seconds. I'm impatient. I chose the digital download.

Of course there are exceptions. Graphic novels need to be on paper, along with my son's picture books. He likes to have something to hold, pages to turn. And when I have the chance to get a signed hardcover, I'm doing it.

But what about you? What do you prefer? And who is a fan of Audio books? I've had yet to cross that bridge. Are they incredible? I want to know.

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