Friday, July 24, 2015

Writers' Retreat

You guys, I am so excited! I'm planning my first writers' retreat. I've got a house rented. I've got fellow writers coming, and I have an entire weekend booked for writing.

Below is a picture of the house. The owner is also a writer, and (not that this influenced my decision) but Robert Frost stayed there once too. However, I mostly chose this house because it was large enough for everyone to have their own bed, it was affordable, it's absolutely adorable, and it is literally in the middle of nowhere--so we won't be distracted.

Can't you just see yourself sipping lemonade in that gazebo, the inspiration pouring from your fingers?

But it was this photo that really sold me.

Something about it says Middle Grade Horror, like I can see this dollhouse front and center in an R.L. Stine novel, where the dolls are possessed by the former residents of the old farmhouse. *shudder* I love it!

I'll be sure to use some of my writing time to update my blog when we're there next month, to let you know if I hear any tiny dolls creeping through the house or ghostly whisperings from the attic. And if this retreat goes well, I might make it an annual thing.

But what about you? Have you ever gone on a writers' retreat by yourself, with friends, or a hosted one? What did you like and not like about it? I would love the advice as I am in the process of working out a schedule. I'm trying to keep it structured without turning it into a writing concentration camp.

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