Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fifteen Types of Scenes

I can't remember the last time I picked up an adult fiction book, and I really can't remember the last time I cracked open an adult non-fiction book. Probably in college. It's not that I have anything against learning, I love learning! I would just rather be reading about dragons and aliens and sword fights and teen drama.

However, a fellow writer suggested this book, which is incredibly good and helpful, but I find myself mentally translating it into language I can understand. So for you, I've done that below, for the segment on the fifteen different types of scenes. But please, if you're looking for ways to punch up your writing, pick up the entire book. You might not need to translate as I have.

Scene 1
Theirs: Climax Scene
Mine: The Hell Yeah Scene
This isn't the big battle at the end, this is the mini-battle somewhere in the middle, where your character wins a fight but not the war.

Scene 2
Theirs: Contemplative (or Sequel) Scenes
Mine: The What the Hell just Happened Scene
Some stuff happened in the previous chapter, now I need to think about it.

Scene 3
Theirs: Crisis Scenes
Mine: The Oh Crap Scene
Kind of the like the Hell Yeah scene except the opposite. It's not the big letdown. It's a little letdown. We can still recover.

Scene 4
Theirs: Dialogue Scenes
Mine: Dialogue Scenes
It's pretty self-explanatory.

Scene 5
Theirs: Epiphany Scenes
Mine: I Totally Get it Now
"It finally makes sense, why he disappears during the daytime, why he doesn't eat food, why he can move fast, and has no reflection...he's a vampire!"

Scene 6
Theirs: Escape Scenes
Mine: Escape Scenes
Again, pretty self-explanatory.

Scene 7
Theirs: Final Scenes
Mine: Final Scenes
This is the big explosion at the end, where Luke destroys the Death Star.

Scene 8
Theirs: First Scenes
Mine: First Scenes
The first few chapters where you lay everything out: the setting, the characters, and the dilemma.

Scene 9
Theirs: Lay-of-the-Land Scenes
Mine: Those Boring Scenes where You Describe the Paintings on the Wall

Scene 10:
Theirs: Love Scenes
Mine: Make Out Scenes
There had better be some "lips pressed hard," somewhere.

Scene 11:
Theirs: Recommitment Scenes
Mine: This Sucks, but I'm Doing it Anyway
Frodo gets stabbed by the Wraiths and keeps plugging along for Mordor.

Scene 12
Theirs: Resolution Scenes
Mine: The Scene at the End where the Big Explosion has Happened and Now We're Going to Neatly Tie it Up
If you're smart, you'll also leave an opening for a sequel.

Scene 13
Theirs: Transition Scenes
Mine: We're on a Boat. Now We're on a Plane. How Did We Get There?

Scene 14
Theirs: Suspense Scenes
Mine: The Nail Biters
What's going to happen? I can't watch.

Scene 15
Theirs: Twister Scenes
Mine: This is How M. Night Shyamalan Built His Career
What? Bruce Willis is a ghost? OMG!

And that's it. As the book suggested, combine all 15 of these scenes to make exciting storylines!

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