About Me

I love cats, imaginary adventures and cold beer. Born on the cusp of the 80’s, I’m always happy to wax nostalgic about New Wave or the Smurfs. I am an expert at the Running Man and the Cabbage Patch if you ever need some late 80’s dance lessons, and I can sing the lyrics to all of Journey’s greatest hits on command. I’m fun at parties. I bring tasty snacks and decent jokes.

My first published work was an essay I wrote in college. They printed the essay in the school paper and asked if they could include a photo. I said, "sure," assuming the photo would be small. It was an 8x10 and took up half of the page. For the next three years, I was known as, "Hey, you're that girl who wrote that essay!" Until I volunteered for a comedic hypnotist. Then I was known as, "Hey, you're that girl who pretended to be a televangelist!" Since then, I always ask how big the photo will be, and I decline all invitations to be hypnotized.

I am an active member of the SCBWI and the NESW.

STEEL HAND, COLD HEART is my first published YA novel.